Kessler Nocolyse Food


The Nocolyse Food is a product of bio-disinfecting surfaces ready for use based on hydrogen peroxide 7.9% and no money, which may be used only with broadcast equipment Nocospray / Nocomax Easy .

The Nocolyse Food is used in the context of surface treatments may be in contact with food.

The Nocolyse Food , diffused in the form of gas (particles of 5μ), makes it possible to disinfect in a homogeneous way 100% of the surfaces of the treated part.

The Nocolyse Food e st effective on viruses, bacteria, yeasts, spores and fungi.

The Nocolyse Food is biodegradable 99.9%, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, leaves no residue and does not create germ resistance.






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Nocolyse Food exists only in Neutral fragrance.

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