Kessler Biomop


BIOMOP® is composed of a natural non-ionic detergent based on alcohol and which associates 2 other natural products:

  • acetic acid (anti-scaling white vinegar)
  • 7.5% hydrogen peroxide before dilution (hydrogen peroxide antimicrobial)






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BIOMOP is a 99.9% biodegradable and concentrated detergent for floors, to be diluted to 1% in water. It is composed of a natural palm non-ionic fatty alcohol-based solution that combines two concentrated natural products: acetic acid (anti-scale white vinegar), and hydrogen peroxide at 7.5% before dilution (anti-microbial oxygenated water). BIOMOP has been developed for the maintenance of tiled, plastic, laminated, linoleum and other floors. It can be used on varnished or vitrified wood.

Instructions for use:

Put 4 liters of water in a bucket and introduce the cleaning agent BIOMOP by mean of the dosing pump. Dosage: 1% or 40ml or 10dosed in a 4L bucket.Manual use (sponge mop or floor mop), in an auto scrubber or hygiene station. Without rinsing. It is possible to increase the dosage to 4% for major clogs. Store the product in the original package, vertically and in a cool and well-ventilated area.

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