Kessler Private Limited is incorporated in the Republic of Singapore in year 1992. We constantly develop, source, and manufacture new & innovative products to meet every household needs.


Kessler Pte Ltd enhances quality of life with innovative and practical products. Our products simplify mundane daily tasks and routines so consumers can spend precious resources such as time with family and activities that matters most.


Kessler recognizes that consumers can be effective with the correct tools. We develop user-friendly and productive tools that are intuitive to use. There are no thick-how-to manuals. By eliminating hassles and ineffective tools and by using the latest technologiesand innovations available, consumers will feel satisfaction in executing the tasks.


Kessler keeps close relationships with consumers and innovators to match technologies with consumers’ needs. The key to success is exceeding consumers’ expectations by developing innovative products that work. The driver is consumers’ need. The result is user-friendly innovative tools. The expectation met is feeling of satisfaction in executing the tasks well, and thus, enhances consumers’ quality of life.